How to participate in QoinIQ at Altcoinomy ICO ?

QoinIQ opens investors to participate in ICO sales, which currently we have collaborated with Altcoinomy ICO. For regulations, investors must be required to verify KYC in order to participate in the ICO. Here’s how to participate in Altcoinomy :

  1. Make sure your country is allowed by Altcoinomy to participate in the ICO.

2. If your country is allowed to participate in the ICO at Altcoinomy, then you can immediately open the QoinIQ website.

3. Scroll slowly, until you find the Altcoinomy logo, then click on the logo.

4. After you click the Altcoinomy logo, you will be immediately directed to the official website of the Altcoinomy ICO. If after the main page of Altcoinomy ICO appears. You can click “Start Onboarding”

5. If you already have an Altcoinomy account, then you can login. But if not, then you have to create an account. Click create account.

6. After clicking “create account”, the terms and conditions appear, here you have to read carefully the rules of Altcoinomy. When finished reading and understanding, then click “I agree to the terms” and then click “create an account”

7. Then you will be shown a page to create an account, here you must and must fill out an account for registration. When finished, click “create account”

8. If you have created an account, you are required to verify your account via email, in your personal email, a verification code is available at Altcoinomy. If you have verified it, you can log in.

9. If you are logged in, then you will be shown an account page. Then click “ Participate to another project ”

10. If you have clicked “participate to another project”, then you will be shown a list page where you can participate in the ICO. Select “QoinIQ” then tick all (as illustrated) if so, scroll down, there is a verification that you are participating individually or company. If you have selected, click ‘Go To Step 2 “

11. After clicking “Go To Step 2” then you will be redirected to the KYC verification page, here you need to fill in everything, because it is Mandatory.

12. After you fill out all the KYC forms, you can participate by filling in the number of QIQ tokens you purchased. To be approved, the Altcoinomy team took 2 to 3 days to approve the account, because the Altcoinomy team saw the amount purchased.

13. If your account has been approved by the Altcoinomy team, then you can make a payment.

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